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Mariner Repairs > Livingston 1987 Mariner C/B Sailboat "Ghost" MA

repair & refurbish - keelson repair, centerboard service, VC performance bottom, spray paint & non-skid deck, rubrail service, install swim & safety ladder. "Over the years, I've had a rule to never put more money into a boat than it is worth. Well that rule went out the window when I purchased my 1987 Stuart Mariner. My plan at the time was to buy a newer Mariner and not have to put any money into it. Well a jib furler, new jib, new main sail, cockpit cushions, new rudder and tiller, repair tree limb falling on boat, repair cracked keel and new paint job has put me over the boat's value. But for me, this is the best boat I have ever owned, and I plan to keep it until I'm too old to sail. And I will probably spent more money on it."