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Used Boat Sales History > SOLD 1988 Rhodes 19 Keel Sailboat $7,200 Located in MA (1)

1988 Rhodes 19 Keel Sailboat about which the last seller writes, "I have attached several pictures of the boat. She does not have many options to list, but here they are: one main, two jibs in very good condition, mainsheet traveler, original teak wood trim and floorboards, and (she's been) recently restored to peak condition." The current seller writes, "The items which we have updated include the new mahogany tiller and rudder assembly; and royal blue Dacron all-weather cockpit cover. Minor repairs include the jib sheets, aft stay and two turnbuckle pieces of hardware. The hull and sails are in fine shape. Also included is the trailer, convenient for storage and local launchings."