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New Rhodes 19 Sailboat


Stuart Marine Corp. is located on Penobscot Bay in coastal Rockland, Maine.

We opened the business in 1982 to manufacture the classic O'day Rhodes 19 and Mariner one-design sailboats; and have grown during three decades into a premier builder of power and sail boats under twenty-five feet in length.

We handcraft each boat from start to finish in our clean and efficient boat building facility.

All our Stuart boats are constructed with traditional hand laminated fiberglass composites, unsinkable foam flotation, double-hull construction, and proven name brand material suppliers.

These high standards work together to guarantee the exceptional quality, value, durability, and reliable demand for Stuart Marine Corp. boats and services.


Rhodes 19 Sailboat Sailing on Penobscot Bay, Maine

Mariner Sailboat Sailing on Puget Sound, Washington


JC 9 Dinghy Harbor Sailing on Nantucket Sound, Massachusetts

Stuart 19 Powerboat Docked on the Hudson River, New York